Tiger + Lily | Columbus

Columbus, Ohio

Website: http://tigerandlilybistro.com/

This restaurant just opened May 2017 on Gay Street in Downtown Columbus.


Eeast: Although they’ve got a lot of heart for the Asian Fusion (respect), this place failed to deliver. I’ll cut them some slack since they’re new to the business but I came with 2 of my friends and we were informed 25 minutes in to waiting for our food that the kitchen had lost our order. So by the time our food came I was starving and ready to fill my belly with delicious ramen. Psych. I ordered the Tiger’s Tail Soup Ramen with Chicken (yes you read that right). While I was sorely confused why they were including chicken in their ramen, it actually was the best part. The broth had no flavor, the noodles were stringy, and the eggs tasted like they had been pickled. Sorry Tiger + Lily, 0 stars.

Fresh Taro Chips
Tiger’s Tail with Chicken


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