Eeast’s Summer 2017

Erin here. Back from my 2 month long vacation to Australia and New Zealand! I interned at an insurance company here through Ohio State. This was an amazing trip and would 10/10 recommend the land down under. Unfortunately, I went when it was winter there but it was still beautiful place to explore the culture.

I did make it to one ramen place, Ichiban Boshi, and really loved it! The restaurant was conveniently in the building I worked so I got to enjoy a wonderful lunch…a few times.

Cities: Sydney, Cairns, Queenstown, Surfer’s Paradise.

Activities: beaches, eating Thai food, booze cruises, Sydney Vivid Festival, wine tasting, surfing, feeding kangaroos, skydiving, hiking, kayaking, playing 500, snorkeling.

Pros: much better than Ohio winters, Great Barrier Reef, accents, trains are $2.50 on Sundays, two hour lunch breaks, New Zealand views (featured photo).

Cons: australia is flawless.


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